Letters to the Editor

Respect golf carts bearing handicap sticker

I have read Elaine Truitt's Sept. 30 letter and Karen Gordon's Oct. 4 follow-up. The issue of golf carts access to public rights of way is important to many people including my own community.

On several occasions I have parked in a van handicap spot with a crossed-out section next to it so that I can exit my vehicle as I'm in a wheelchair. On leaving the store, I have found a golf cart parked in the crossed-out section blocking the entrance to my vehicle. I have confronted owners of these carts only to be told that the areas are for golf cart parking.

The practice is infuriating to the handicapped population using wheelchairs. On several occasions I have called 911 to report the violator. The police have responded but have never issued a citation.

If a golf cart has a handicap sticker, I support their right to park in a handicap parking spot. I also support carts with insurance using sidewalks along Highway 301. I do not support golf carts riding on 301.

Lastly, I plea with drivers using handicap placards to avoid the van parking spots so that individuals in wheelchairs can use them.

Dan Morris