Letters to the Editor

If you want President Trump impeached, you are a patriot | Letter to the editor

At our regular Action Tuesday event outside the Manatee Avenue offices of Rep. Vern Buchanan, we are starting to notice a trend. As we hold signs supporting the impeachment of the current president, we see more and more approving reactions from drivers and pedestrians passing our group. This week I counted both the negative and positive reactions: 75 folks supported our protest, with 19 opposed.

Admittedly, this is not a scientific poll by any means: interpreting the various gestures and comments isn’t always easy, and since I’m really there to hold my sign and wave my American flag, counting can get difficult. Nonetheless, my colleagues and I see the tide building in favor of impeaching Donald Trump.

It was easy to figure out that the two women who honored us with a middle digit salute disagreed with our position, but wouldn’t they scold any children of theirs who used that gesture? I was confused by the man who walked behind us, muttering “patriots.” Was he complimenting us as patriotic U.S. citizens who care sincerely about the rule of law and the future of our nation? Was he being sarcastic, thinking we didn’t care about the United States? Or was he a fan of a football team in the Northeast? We didn’t count him in either column.

And yet we are indeed patriots, because we all care desperately about this troubled nation. All of us in our group want to see a rational foreign policy re-established, to support our national security. All of us want to see respect strengthened for our Constitution and the rule of law. So even though I didn’t count that gentleman as either a supporter or an opponent, I will proudly adopt his description of us: we are patriots to the core.

Deborah L. Pierce