Letters to the Editor

On impeachment, Democrats will again fail to get rid of President Trump | Letter to the editor

Dear respectable Democrats: Have you read the latest legislation from the House of Representatives regarding gun control, health care reform, immigration and global warming? No? How about prison reform, homelessness, tax reform or anything your party so verbally advocates? No? Of course you haven’t.

What you have heard is the seemingly endless futile attempts at bringing down our President. First there was collusion/obstruction. When that was debunked then it was racism. When that only resonated with the haters along came recession. When that didn’t pan out now we have the Ukraine telephone call which, when all is said and done, will also fail to remove the POTUS from office.

Impeach? The truth is, an impeachable offense is whatever the U.S. Congress decides it is. So then do it. Quit using ceaseless impeachment talk to take away from both his accomplishments and your inability to legislate on anything.

As a Republican I sincerely hope you do attempt to impeach. Not only will this be a failure also (as the Senate will never convict) but it will fire the GOP base and turn off moderates right before elections. Only the ultra TDS Kool-Aid drinkers think that enough GOP senators would vote to remove President Trump. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi knows the dangers of this but it doesn’t appear she can keep the crazies from running the asylum. Sometimes it’s just better to let sleeping dogs be.

So responsible, respectable Democrats please encourage your congressmen to either do their business or get off the pot. Then ask them to then move onto the important issues your thinking party members so dearly demand, maybe some that were mentioned in paragraph one.

Mark Mullen