Letters to the Editor

Impeaching Donald Trump would be ‘insane’ | Letter to the editor

Question: Is it possible for a president to be in power for almost three years and not accomplish anything positive? My answer would be no, a president in office for that long with all the resources at his disposal would accomplish many achievements for his country.

Nevertheless, reading your Sunday edition, I would surmise your answer would be yes as that edition had 15 negative articles or implying negative opinions of Trump, the White House or advisors. The majority of articles lean heavily on left leaning media, i.e., NY Times, Associated Press, LA Times, Washington Post and your own McClatchy group.

In the US, a true investigative reporter would find and publish the counter opinion because the “canons of journalism”— truthfulness, accuracy, impartiality, etc. require it — it might help the 27% decline in readership.

Not seen in the Herald: Our market is on fire or the increasing of middle class wages or that unemployment is at a 50-year low. Trump’s collective turn with our allies on Iran — away from appeasement — is a significant win for the U.S. To have our sights on countries that steal our intellectual property, compete unfairly, and cause havoc around the world, is a stand not seen in the past.

Like Sen. Lindsey Graham said: “To impeach any president over a phone call like this would be insane.” If House Democrats pass an article of impeachment without bipartisan support, it will be killed by the Senate.

And, examining Hunter Biden’s deal with Burisma, Ukraine’s private natural gas producer, should secure a Foreign Intelligence Act Warrant against Hunter. After all, why would Burisma pay Hunter $600,000 a year to sit on a gas company’s board when he knows nothing about gas, doesn’t speak their language and is not familiar with their culture?

Richard Bennett