Letters to the Editor

Donald Trump is a ‘true psychopath.’ Vote him out of office | Letter to the editor

In his pamphlet “Common Sense,” one of the arguments Tom Paine made for our country’s independence was that we should not be the subjects of a mentally deficient leader, like a fool that might be produced in a successional monarchy. It is sadly ironic that 243 years after declaring our independence we are the subjects of just such a mentally deficient leader.

Donald Trump is a true psychopath who does not function in the real world. He does not recognize the real world of empathy, tolerance and respect. He does not appreciate the fragility of precious natural resources or the seriousness of climate change.

What is his medical diagnosis? He has a “delusional disorder of the grandiose type.” The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders lists its criteria, which paint a vivid picture of our President.

I believe Tom Paine would agree with me that we should help the mentally ill. I agree with him that we should not be the subjects of a mentally ill leader. How can we declare our independence from the mentally deficient leader we elected?

Well, there will be another election next year. Vote common sense. Vote him out.

John E. Darovec Jr.