Letters to the Editor

‘Enough already!’ It is time to stop the mass killings of Americans | Letter to the editor

On an issue such as gun control, we must be careful of what we read, hear, or say. Information out there is highly emotional and some is questionable.

One confusion is the term “mass shootings,’ although “with four or more victims” is common.

Take the issue of rapid-fire semi-automatic rifles and hand guns. Presence of a high-capacity magazine (HCM) over, say, 10 rounds magnifies their killing effect. An everytownresearch.org report showed that shootings with HCMs killed twice as many and injured 14 times as many,compared to shootings without HCMs.

So, what about the guns used? For the Las Vegas shootings, fourteen of the twenty-four firearms were .223-caliber AR-15 style semi-automatic rifles; manyHCMs (up to 100 rounds) were found in the killer’s suite.

A USA Today report (2/14/18) listed eleven instances where AR-15 style rifles were used in shootings since 2012. Wikipedia lists 26 shootings (10 or more deaths) since 1949 that involved semi-automatic rifles or pistols.

The Connecticut General Assembly (2/18/2013) published a report “Weapons Used in Mass Shootings”. Since Columbine they found 49 shootings (two or more killed); nearly all involved semi-automatic rifles or pistols.

Mass shooting tracker.org identified 311 “mass shootings” in 2019. In 2018 and 2019 YTD they report 895 dead and 2,751 injured. Enough already!

Gunviolencearchives.org reports on mass shootings. Weapons used include many semi-automatic guns. Between 2013 and 2019 YTD they list 10,280 wounded and 3,391 as killed. Enough already!

Australia implemented gun controls after the 1996 Port Arthur massacre left 35 dead. Since then the worst killing by guns was of seven family members in May, 2018. This was shocking in Australia; it’s just another day in the U.S. Probably the best summaries of Australian reforms are by Simon Chapman. Australians still hunt.

Please contact your representatives; let’s stop this killing!

Roger Grossel

Lakewood Ranch