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Want to ban future mass killings? Ban automatic weapons | Letter to the editor

What should be done about gun control?

Two everyday Americans share their viewpoints on gun control.
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Two everyday Americans share their viewpoints on gun control.

The only effective way to make future gun massacres impossible is to deny ownership of fully automatic weapons and the use of large magazines. Such weapons are necessary only for the use of the military and police. Other guns appropriately designed for on the range, hunting and home protection should be made available to those citizens that have complied with the necessary training and licensing that should also be expanded. Improving back ground checks is fine and also necessary but will not solve the problem. There should be no difficulty rewording the Second Amendment accordingly.

All this could be accomplished by having the National Rifle Association take over the job of getting this done as soon as possible together with having them funded by the government for establishing a repurchase program of the existing weapons that will have to be surrendered. That would probably cost less than Greenland.

If accomplished earlier we could have avoided 253 mass shootings this year so far.

Lt. Col. Reinhold R. Klein, U.S. Marine Corps (Ret)