Letters to the Editor

Mississippi raids highlight ‘idiocy’ of immigration law enforcement | Letter to the editor

The recent raid and arrest of over 600 workers at Koch Foods in Mississippi only highlights the idiocy and also latent racism of our current approach to immigration enforcement.

We are building walls, separating families, and arresting workers, while American citizen business owners (the majority of whom are white) are rarely fined and even more rarely arrested for hiring illegal workers. Arresting workers, while doing nothing to the companies and individuals that hire them, will never fix the problem. It is analogous to arresting drug users but never arresting the dealers, or letting them off with a small fine.

We need mandatory E-Verify for all employers, with stiff penalties for all those who do not comply, while at the same time expanding guest worker programs and implementing some type of path to citizenship, not just for the wealthy and “connected” (our First Lady among others), but for those who are desperate and struggling, and come to this country to work hard and improve their lives. I am not advocating open borders, just solutions that do not demonize illegal workers.

John Skey