Letters to the Editor

Hispanics have nothing to fear in Manatee. Bradenton Herald is only ‘race-baiting’ | Letter to the editor

Re: Many Hispanics in Manatee live in fear they will become targets of racist violence.

What kind of yellow journalism is your newspaper practicing?

You seems to want to stir up problems between the Latino and Anglo communities with your claim that Mexican Americans are fearful and in hiding. Nonsense! Have any Mexican Americans, or any Latinos, been attacked or beaten up in Manatee County lately? One nut case in El Paso, Texas, which is three-quarters of the way across the county from Florida, assaults people in a Wal-Mart, and the purveyors of race hatred, a la Jesse Jackson and his ilk, jump on it and pretend that all Anglos are out to attack Latinos.

You know what that is Bradenton Herald - THAT IS RACE BAITING.

I happen to come from New Mexico, which is over 50 percent Hispanic and where Spanish is one of the official languages of government. In fact, I worked for the government there. Hispanics in New Mexico got along well with Anglos; they intermarried, attended the same churches and schools and worked alongside one another. One creep with a gun can’t undo the camaraderie that exists between the Latinos and Anglos.

Seems to me, Bradenton Herald, that you are simply trying to stir up a problem where none exists and attempting to put fear into the hearts of Latinos. Do you really wish there was a racist incident? You should be ashamed of yourselves, and whoever encouraged that bizarre reporting on your staff should find themselves another job. Are they working for the Democrat party?

Carol Hogan