Letters to the Editor

Trump’s visits to Dayton, El Paso deserved positive coverage from Herald | Letter to the editor

As a politically conservative reader of the Bradenton Herald, we find it telling that the choice of a bold two line headline on the front page of Thursday’s edition stated: CHANTING PROTESTORS MARK TRUMP VISITS.

With a much subdued quote by press secretary Stephanie Grisham regarding President Trump’s visit to victims of mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio, reading: “Everybody received him very warmly, everybody was very, very excited to see him.”

As most readers probably will not read most of the article, the visual editorial at a glance is very negative toward a president and his first lady who were attempting to offer comfort to those suffering and congratulations to first responders and medical personnel helping the injured.

We believe the Bradenton Herald can do a better job of communicating the news in a more equitable and positive light.

Dan Downs