Letters to the Editor

After Mueller hearings, it is time for Congress to impeach Trump | Letter to the editor

The Congressional hearings examining what Special Counsel Robert Mueller found revealed that:

  1. Donald Trump engaged in obstruction of justice many times, lying about it and trying to coerce others to also lie about it.
  2. Trump engaged in witness tampering many times, also lying about that.
  3. Trump lied to the FBI in his written answers to their questions.

In the news reports after the hearings, it appears that many people expected Mueller to do the job of Congress in judging the President regarding his crimes. They called on him to charge the president with a crime, even though he was specifically prevented from doing so, and had made this clear from the start. They expected him to take a partisan position against the president, even though Mueller is a Republican, like Trump, and his role was to investigate, not judge.

Congress and the American people cannot expect Mueller to do Congress’s job for them, to charge Trump with crimes, and serious, impeachable crimes at that. We learned that Trump can be charged with these crimes when he has ended his time in office, but that is not good enough.

Donald Trump must answer for these crimes now. No one is above the law. Congress must act to impeach Trump immediately.

William Anderson