Letters to the Editor

‘Brilliant statesman’ Trump displays courage in visit to North Korea | Letter to the editor

What a thrill it was to read “Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un meet at the Korean Demilitarized Zone” as President Trump made history in visiting North Korea. I watched in amazement as Trump walked up to the DMZ line dividing the two Koreas and graciously accepted Kim Jong Un’s invitation to join him. Truly a red letter day in the history books that may have long lasting benefits for all.

Typically, our politicians measure out their personal courage very carefully with an eyedropper. Trump uses a five-gallon bucket. He must have known that there could have been many sniper sights locked onto him, but still he took that giant step of faith to make a difference. Time will tell if North Korea will comply in defusing the risk of a nuclear confrontation, but any progress in that direction will be a good thing for the entire planet.

Bravo to President Trump on his skill as a brilliant statesman.

Dan Crumpler