Letters to the Editor

No matter how you spin it, Trump made a good deal with Mexico | Letter to the editor

So President Trump gets Mexico to crack down on illegal immigrants crossing across their country to land in ours at very little expense to us. Everyone should be rejoicing. Congress is broke and he found a way to at least slow the flow so courts can get caught up.

This was the headline that the Bradenton Herald ran in Sunday’s paper: “Mexico relented on border long before Trumps deal.” You can spin anything you want but these agreements went nowhere until the president threatened to impose tariffs.

Now we can’t be sure they will follow through but them, but sending 6,000 of their troops to stem the flow on their southern border sure seems like a win to me. And these plans were not started on previous administrations’ watch, on that you can be sure of, so what if Trumps people made these proposals months ago, Mexico is no longer dragging feet, they are now making it happen.

The president of Mexico is celebrating they won in this deal and so are we. How can it be reported a bad thing when the world’s best negotiator, Mr. Trump, made a deal that both sides feel like winners.

Finally we have a president with the guts to make deals good for us. One thing for sure, you wont see Russia reach out and grab Ukraine like he did with the Crimea under the previous president.

Scott B. Scoville