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Florida voters, don’t let Donald Trump con you again | Letter to the editor

President Donald Trump is campaigning hard with big money and lies to win Florida in 2020. We can’t let that happen. We need to make sure he fails.

In 2016, many of us voted for him, hoping the signs of racism, dishonesty, abuse and fraud were not true. But he is far worse than we feared.

His hatred and abuse of non-whites is criminal, caging those seeking help, calling them ugly names. He turns his back on our Puerto Rican citizens, treating them like dirt and refusing the help we give others suffering disasters. He calls hate-chanting Nazis “very good people”. He supports suppressing the votes of poor blacks. He denies equal rights for women and wants to force them to give birth against their will.

His pathological lying is an established fact, with thousands of lies documented over and over, while he boldly denies to our faces what we see and hear. His desire for dictatorship is confirmed as he ignores the Constitution and issues unlawful orders. He is replacing our system of justice with his own henchmen to make America a police state. He engages in cover-ups of his wrong-doing as well as his partners’, even Russians, convicted felons and murderers.

Trump is a psychopath who got other Floridians to sell us down the river. Those who stand for the values the Founders cherished have been scammed and betrayed. Now, he attempts to win Florida again with big money, bribes and another campaign of lies.

Let’s make sure Floridians don’t get conned again with his lies and his army of Trump stooges. We need to make sure Floridians wake up, realize how much is at stake, and defeat this psychopathic dictator.

William Anderson


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