Letters to the Editor

Traffic at Bradenton intersection puts a burden on working people | Letter to the editor

The intent of this letter is to please ask the city of Bradenton to align the signal at Ninth Street West and Manatee, heading both east bound and west bound, with the other signals.

Traffic is so out of control during the evening commute. There are days, I have literally had to sit through three changes of the light while heading east on Manatee Avenue during the evening commute. The traffic heading east bound on Manatee is ridiculous, backing up past 26th Street every day. Please consider another lane, synchronizing the signals, or please stop the building until the roads can accommodate the working folks of this area.

Rhetorical question, certainly, but where is all the traffic going to go for the current building project on Third Street and Manatee?

I am certain I am not the first person to complain about the light at Ninth and Manatee and I am sure I won’t be the last. However, unfortunately, what I am certain of, is that nothing will done to address the traffic, now or in the future. Having been here 40 plus years, it is a shame to see the burden placed on working folks, who came to enjoy a small town and escape the inconveniences of a big city.

Susan Runfola