Letters to the Editor

Hey, snowbirds, why don’t you adopt a shelter pet? | Letter to the editor

Each year at this time, the population in our county begins shifting as our seasonal guests head for cooler climes. I want to thank these friends, family, and visitors for their unflagging loyalty in coming to our area again to share our local beauty and beaches.

As you leave this year, there is one additional task you join the rest of us in completing and that is adopting one of our homeless pets before you go. Our county shelters in Palmetto (dogs) and downtown Bradenton (cats) are managed by an incredibly hard working group of county employees, along with a fantastic cadre of volunteers and they tell me that they have a significant number of senior pets, such as Oreo and Diamond the dogs and a cat named Nova who want nothing more than a permanent home. These senior dogs, unlike puppies, are fully house trained and have already learned indoor manners, ensuring that they can fit into a household routine more easily. They have had families before, so living in a shelter is particularly difficult because they miss the love and human touch they were once used to.

I would like to urge our seasonal visitors to consider adopting these seniors, or any other pet in the county shelters, and giving them a life with a warm bed, soft touch, and love and you won’t regret it.

Pam Freni