Letters to the Editor

Florida ‘heartbeat bill’ threatens Roe v. Wade. That would be a mistake | Letter to the editor

The recently proposed Florida heartbeat bill is unacceptable and unconstitutional.

As a constituent of Sen. Bill Galvano and Rep. Tommy Gregory, I urge them to stand up for women’s rights to make these difficult decisions for her own body and life. It is her pregnancy and nobody else’s business. It is also oppressive for poorer communities that can’t afford more children. Why not introduce free contraception and sex education to reduce the need for abortion?

Women deserve the same respect as men when it comes to their body, and just imagine if the roles were reversed. This would not even be an issue. Men do not get to make decisions about women’s bodies under any circumstance.

Do not come for Roe. We will destroy those politicians.

Rachel Kisellus