Letters to the Editor

Sending to migrants to ‘sanctuary cities’ is an ‘inspired idea’ | Letter to the editor

What an inspired new idea: Allow the ultra liberals a chance to prove they really believe the ideas they spout. Instead of busing the illegal entries into the United States into small towns in rural America that did not ask for or vote for the extra burden be put upon medical, school and police systems. place them in all the sanctuary cities.

These cities cry out that we do not need borders, we should get rid of ICE, everyone wanting a better life deserves the right to come here with no questions asked. Each and every single one of the leaders of the Democratic party just five years ago agreed we had problems there and needed what they called a wall way back then. The only difference between then and now — Mr Trump.

All they feel now is hate and would be against anything the man said, for fear he would get good press or the credit for doing the right thing. I may not agree with the style of some comments he makes. But how can anyone not see how much stronger America is in the world now as opposed to couple years ago when we had a president who drew red lines, then erased them, or allowed Russia to reach out and grab a country because Mr Putin wanted to have a naval port that does not freeze over.

And North Korea, after 60 years we are at least talking. Will the leader ever give up nukes? Of course, not. The only reason Russia commands respect? When the Soviet Union dissolved, Russia gathered in all the nukes .Few people realize it, but Russia has less gross domestic product (GDP) than the state of Texas. The entire country of Russia, does less business than a single state of the United States.

Scott B. Scoville