Letters to the Editor

Letting teachers carry guns won’t make Florida’s schools safer

Last Valentines Day I sat at work waiting to hear from a friend whose child was in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland during the active shooting there. For hours she didn’t know if her child was alive or dead.

Because of MSD & all the other shootings since, I am very much opposed to bill SB7030 which is currently working its’ way through the state Senate proposing to arm classroom teachers. As a sane person who knows that adding guns to a stressful situation increases as opposed to decreasing the potential for death & mayhem, I am amazed that this is being pushed as a serious proposition.

How are law enforcement officials supposed to identify the “good gun” vs the “bad gun” in an active shooting incident.? Would it be a ‘color of the day’ or “safe word” – there’s no way the “bad gun” could possibly be wearing the “color of the day” or the “good gun” might panic and forget the ‘safe word’.

If only senators such as Bill Galvano (galvano.bill@flsenate.gov

https://www.flsenate.gov/Senators/s21 would focus on the wishes of the people who voted in their district (whether they voted for them or not) and not on the loudest voices, who are generally carpetbaggers. SB7030 promotes a false sense of security. We need common sense gun legislation, not a “passing of the buck”

Nuala Leonard

Lakewood Ranch