Letters to the Editor

Trump ‘on the verge’ of creating a dictatorship with emergency declaration

It appears that Donald Trump and his team are on the verge of establishing a dictatorship in America. By declaring the conditions at our border a national emergency, he is attempting to use the law regarding national emergencies to dictate to the country what he wants to do, in direct defiance of Congress, the elected representatives of the people. Congress has refused to fund the “Great Wall of Trump”, and he dictates that it be built anyway. The way the law is written, if 33 percent of Congress stands with him, he gets to dictate. This is rule by a minority standing with a proven liar, fraud, and partner with our enemies, murderers and tyrants.

There is no emergency the Congress does not have the opportunity to address. It’s not like we need an immediate response to an attack by an enemy or a disaster like a hurricane. It’s not like the administration must act immediately, without consulting Congress, lest we suffer waiting for it to convene and risk annihilation or millions suffering death and destruction without relief by our armed forces. The conditions at the border do not constitute a national emergency that law was written to address.

All of our elected representatives who have sworn their allegiance to the Constitution must vote to maintain the separation of powers required for the survival of our country as a democratic republic. If the Trump cabal overpowers the patriots and lets him dictate his will, we will have become a dictatorship.

William Anderson