Letters to the Editor

Vandalism of Unconditional Surrender monument dishonors veterans, hurts #MeToo cause

To whomever vandalized Unconditional Surrender:

Not only have you disfigured a public work of art, you have brought dishonor to your cause. I believe in #MeToo, but there is no way I can support your actions.

Perhaps you don’t live in the area, so you have never seen the veterans gathered there to take pictures. Unconditional Surrender is an iconic work loved by so many of us. We bring family and friends to pose for pictures there. It is symbolic and represents the ecstatic joy felt by a young sailor at the end of World War II. Perhaps you don’t have a grandparent alive who fought in World War II. Maybe you should go to a local veterans’ hospital to thank the men and women who are still alive for defending your right to free speech.

If you have ever visited Arlington National Cemetery and seen the rows of crosses or the Vietnam Memorial, or any of the other veterans’ cemeteries locally or across the nation you would have a better appreciation of the sacrifices so many have made to protect you.

I can picture you with a can of spray paint perhaps being egged on by friend/s. Did you laugh as you ran away? Your actions bespeak cowardice. Instead of shining a light on your cause, you have denigrated and belittled it. As my mother would have said: “Shame on you.”

Arlene R. Jarzab