Letters to the Editor

A border wall, not gun control, will help prevent crime in America

Gun Free Zones established by our government are responsible for most of the so called mass shootings in America.

Movie theater shootings could have been stopped by a well trained citizen with a concealed permit carrying a gun. School shootings could have been stopped by well trained and armed teachers.

I read this morning on the front page of the Bradenton Herald, 12 months later and 1,200 dead. How about 4,200 American citizens murdered every year by an illegal alien, according to the FBI Crime Statistics. What about 40 percent of all DUI arrests are involving illegal aliens, 1,500 dead American citizens at the hands of illegal aliens driving drunk every year? Point being, why is Congress fighting against our p[resident wanting to secure our southern border with more agents, bigger and stronger walls where needed, deportation on the spot!

Illegal aliens have no rights under our laws and they are not protected by our Constitution. Once someone illegally crosses our border without permission they are automatically a criminal and have committed a felony. The left is pushing gun control because they are trying to deflect from the problem of a border not being secure with to many open areas for drugs, terrorists, gangs, sex traffickers, criminals, people with sicknesses of which a wall and more agents can prevent. Law-abiding citizes are buying guns everyday and I see them getting trained at the gun range.

We live in a country that has a 2nd Amendment and that will never change. Self protection is a God given right and that means with the means of a knife, bat, club, single shot revolver or semi-automatic pistol or rifle. We have hundreds of gun laws on the books and not one of them would have ever stopped a mass shooting.

Mike McLeod