Letters to the Editor

Tell Democrats to solve the immigration crisis at U.S.-Mexico border

Border security and our humanitarian and criminal crises –which are real- cannot be described or solved by a few simple sentences or proposals as is usually attempted.

Border security requires personnel, funding, and infrastructure (including a supporting criminal justice system), information and knowledge (especially on-site), and of course popular support.

It includes “smart” and physical barriers, “smart” and physical ports of entry, and infrastructure for handling immigrants who enter illegally or who violate our laws on visa conditions (like overstaying).

These are very complex systems where one part supports the others; eliminate one of these and border and national security are lessened.

Speaker Pelosi, Democrats, the Democrat Party, and the DNC approved border security -including physical barriers- before 2016.

Now they have done a 180 and universally oppose physical barriers. (If they are “ineffective”, tear down California’s wall with Mexico –or just install stiles.)

The only rational explanation is that Donald Trump was elected to be OUR President (the rule of law), and he promised to expand the wall at our southern border.

So their mantra now is no more wall, “Dump Trump”, and “damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead”. The House position is that un-funding federal workers is acceptable and even necessary absent any other powerful tool to not fund more wall and to “take down” Trump. Members participating in this unethical action are violating their oath to support the Constitution.

(Our Constitution gives power of the purse solely to the House, and not the Senate or the President.)

Let us push for and support broader solutions to these complex issues.

Hint: Maybe educating your Members of Congress on this is a start.

Roger Grossel

Lakewood Ranch