Letters to the Editor

Tell Congress to not give in to another Trump ‘temper tantrum’ over border wall

One thing that most parents learn pretty quickly is to not give in to their child’s temper tantrums. As soon as you give in, the child learns that he or she can get their way by threatening to do it again. I sincerely hope that the Republicans in Congress have figured out that Trump is behaving like that child with the temper tantrum when he threatens, “If I don’t get my wall, I will shut down the government again.” The Democrats are the parent who refused to give in to the temper tantrum and he finally said, “OK, I’ll eat my vegetables. But only for three weeks and then I’m going to refuse unless I get to have what I want to eat.”

With the child and the temper tantrum, we are not talking about something that impacts millions of people. With Trump’s wall, we are. The majority of Americans don’t want the wall and don’t think it is necessary. There are many ways that we can get sensible border security without the wall. Increased border patrol, more judges and other staff to speed up the processing of asylum requests, and drones or other high-tech surveillance. I have heard many representatives from border states (on both sides of the aisle) indicating that their districts do not want a wall. Environmentalists have said that a wall will disrupt migratory patterns and the ability of animals to get food and water. A wall is not the answer – it was just a campaign ploy to appeal to a certain minority of voters.

I would encourage everyone to call your representatives (especially Rubio and Scott) and tell them that we do not want federal workers held hostage for a bad idea. Let’s not go through another shut-down in three weeks.

Jenni Casale