Letters to the Editor

Palma Sola Causeway has become a dirty ‘sideshow.’ It’s time to clean it up, Bradenton

Remember when the biggest problems on Palma Sola Causeway/ Redneck Riviera were rednecks drinking beer with T-back-clad girls playing on the beach along the road and a few fellas hanging out in the mangroves?

Well this “gateway” to our beautiful island has become nothing more than a used car selling, RV parking (for weeks at a time), horse pooping sideshow. What has happened to a once nice drive to the beach?

I have spoken to several law enforcement agencies about the people who decide to spend their week in Florida parked on the causeway for free. They merely shrug their shoulders. Now I think they may have asked some of these folks to leave, but a day or two later they are back and set up in their “private resort.” I always thought overnight parking was illegal along there, but I guess not. Heck, I remember when you couldn’t park with your girlfriend along there with out a police officer showing up to shut you down.

The causeway looks horrible with all this junk going on. Who’s in charge of this mess? Come on city of Bradenton clean up your mess, before Trump wants to build a wall there!

Rick Lewis

Holmes Beach