Letters to the Editor

It’s time to return Manatee County School District to ‘local ownership’

Like the skin of an onion, the layers of mismanagement and deception are peeling away in the School District of Manatee County. When a new leader comes in and eviscerates the institutional memory of a system, the domino effect occurs.

It began in 2013 when long-standing, highly trained employees were escorted from the district office building because their skill set no longer “fit the profile” of the new management. By no fault of their own, they were banished from a job they knew better than anyone else. These folks were professionals and part of the fabric of our community. What came next was a free fall of “stored knowledge” that has yet to recover.

You know the rest of the story. There has been a revolving door of goods and services ever since and it has played out like a never ending nightmare throughout the district. In my humble opinion, until we return to “local ownership” with community input we will continue this cycle of a ‘hit and miss’ leadership style as we further abuse the time, talent and resources in our schools.

Kristopher Bayer