Letters to the Editor

Blame Trump, McConnell for government shutdown

The author of the recent letter blaming Nancy Pelosi for the government shutdown must not have been watching the news or reading the newspapers recently.

Mr. Trump initiated the issue with his false claim that the Mexican border is a “national emergency” and his monstrous lies regarding the effectiveness of a “border wall” that the Mexican government was going to pay for.

The present problem is totally due to Mr. McConnell’s refusal to allow the Senate to vote on a number (4) of bills passed by the Republican Senate last year and just passed verbatim by the Democratic House this month. These bills would reopen government and let the border issues be handled as independent issues as they should be.

Mr. McConnell, in blind support for Mr. Trump, refuses to allow these bills to come to a vote. It appears that there are enough Republican Senators supporting these bills that they would easily pass. If Mr. Trump vetoes the bills there appears to be enough combined votes to override his veto!

The Senate is totally controlled by one man, Mr. McConnell. This is not right! No one person should have the power to bring the entire US Government to it’s knees! The Senate needs to change the rules to prevent this hijacking of the people’s government.

William Follmer