Letters to the Editor

Don’t let President Trump ‘destroy’ America with wall fight

Maybe we have it backwards. Rather than shutting down the government to get his wall, maybe President Trump is using the wall as an excuse to shut down the government.

He said that he would be willing to let the shutdown continue months or even years. Yet, the longer it lasts, the more devastating the effects on our country and its people. Why would a President want this to happen? Only Vladimir Putin could relish such an outcome.

And besides, if Trump is really doing this to “get his wall”, why only ask for $5.7 billion. Estimates are that it would take at least $70 billion to complete the project. This is not about building a wall.

In light of all the other things Trump has done that damage our nation, shutting down the government in perpetuity makes perfect sense. He has encouraged division among our citizens. He has alienated our allies. He has embraced our enemies. He has started trade wars with our trading partners.

Trump has appointed persons to head various departments who are either bent on their destruction, unqualified or corrupt. He fires anyone who demonstrates an ounce of competency.

We cannot allow this President (with questionable loyalties) to destroy our country. Republicans must join with Democrats to adopt the “Continuing Resolution” as passed unanimously by the Senate in the last session of Congress. Let’s end this shutdown now.

James Frazier