Letters to the Editor

President Trump becoming ‘unhinged’ over border wall

I am concerned that our want-a-be-dictator is becoming unhinged.

Perhaps the Dems should give him his wall. Our country needs to move on.

Building the wall will prove to be a daunting task. From El Paso, west to San Diego is 700 miles of desert and rough mountainous terrain. The border lines are straight, building a physical wall will be doable but difficult.

However, the border south from El Paso to the gulf follows the Rio Grande River. This is flat terrain, the river flows in hundreds of loops as it meanders to the gulf. The border follows the river for 1,300 miles. The wall will not follow every twist of the river. Many farms, ranches, boat ramps, even parts of cities may be on the Mexican side of the wall.

How will these folks gain access to the river or their land? Will we have armed guards at every portal in the wall? Texans are concerned about the feds claiming eminent domain on their land. They may tear it down before Mexicans get a chance to climb over it.

Jim Padden