Letters to the Editor

Keep guns off Florida college campuses

Florida freshman Rep. Anthony Sabatini, Lake Co., Dist. 32, has already filed a state bill to allow guns on Florida universities and college campuses for concealed-weapons permit holders.

Sabatini is 30 years old, not very far beyond his years at University of Florida. Has he already forgotten that even the top-of-class students party during their college years? Think of frat parties, football game-day tailgating, all the “stupid” behaviors most college students can recall.

And to this, Florida National Guardsman Sabatini would favor adding concealed weapons. I would so much rather the freshman representative spent his time on our state education and school-campus safety. Or, even, God forbid, on the 2020 campaign of his mentor, POTUS Trump.

Please, Rep. Sabatini, keep your own guns OFF college campuses.

Cynthia Keller