Letters to the Editor

Blame Democrats for government shutdown

The buck stops in the House.

Nancy Pelosi and her caucus are 100 pertaining culpable (Article I, Sections1 and 7 of our Constitution) in maintaining the partial government shutdown.

They, with Chuck Schumer’s caucus, are undisputedly the current Party of NO.

Until the House passes a bill that passes the Senate and gets the president’s signature, the shutdown will continue and the federal workers will suffer.

Could Nancy be immoral -and shameless?

Please call (or better yet, fax) your House representative and ask for an end to this shutdown.

Let’s press for the U.S. Congress to not be paid — and not be reimbursed- for one week for every day of any government shutdown.

It is also time for an amendment for term limits for our Congress.

To paraphrase Harry Truman: “For federal workers, their buck stops — and starts — in the House.”

Roger Grossel
Lakewood Ranch