Letters to the Editor

‘The only way to be safe with a motorcycle is to never get on one again’

A recent article reported a young woman run down on a motorcycle and her mother begging drivers to be more careful. It offered tips on how to be safe on a motorcycle.

Motorcycles are not safe and never will be, no matter how many “tips” you follow. The only way to be safe with a motorcycle is to never get on one again.

I rode motorcycles for many years, starting at age 15, and quit at age 50 after seeing so many people mowed down every day after I moved to Florida. Even careful drivers mow them down, not seeing them, as this mom pointed out, not to mention the careless speeders, road-ragers and drunks.

The only way to be safe on the highway is to be seat-belted in a well-designed and reinforced steel box with all the safety equipment activated. I’ve seen demonstrations of even tiny Smart Cars survive massive impacts because they are so well designed. You don’t need a behemoth. A solidly constructed reinforced steel cubicle is the safest thing to ride in on the highway.

Letting your body be a potential projectile in a highway crash on a bike is insane. No helmet or body armor can save you. Rationalizing that a lesser injury (than death or TBI) is acceptable is insane.

William Anderson