Letters to the Editor

Superintendent Cynthia Saunders gives Manatee schools ‘hope’

What is hope? A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. A feeling of trust.

The Manatee County School District is in need of hope. Superintendent Cynthia Saunders is that hope. My desire is that Mrs. Saunders be awarded a long-term contract and continue leading our schools.

The actions of the Florida Department of Education at this time are not only suspect but a character assignation on Mrs. Saunders. This complaint was from 2014-2015; it is 2019-2020. What has the DOE been doing all this time? This has already been investigated and in my opinion the head of the DOE Pam Stewart may be looking for employment.

As we continue to submerge our ship into the murky waters, years in the making, not just in the most recent era, we need stability and proven leadership. We need a captain and crew that will support her.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mrs. Saunders since her first day of work at the district. As a parent and grandparent of children in our district schools and with the ongoing saga of dysfunction that shrouds Manatee County Schools it was a breath of fresh air for me to associated with someone with abounding integrity and loyalty.

Mrs. Saunders has never wavered from doing what is right, making our school system compliant and educating our children her top priority.

Our school district is in need of a dealer in hope and a captain for our ship. We need stability and morale and productivity high. Mrs. Saunders is the person for the job. If we don’t award her this contract we have done our children and our community a disservice.

We, Manatee County need a captain to save our ship. I hope it’s Mrs. Cynthia Saunders!

Susan Eason Harrigan