Letters to the Editor

Motorcyclists need to look out for their own safety on local roads

My heart goes out the the mother of the injured biker who is begging drivers to watch for motorcycles. It is tragic that both her daughter (on her motorcycle) and her son (on his bicycle) have met with such accidents. I agree that we should be more cautious when driving our cars, However, cyclists need to be cautious, protect themselves from serious injury and obey traffic laws.

So often, I see motorcyclists swerving in and out of lanes on streets and highways, driving at speeds far above the limits set for safe driving. As for those on bicycles, they need to heed stop signs and other safety laws. I live in a quiet neighborhood where groups of bikers ride every weekend. There is a stop sign on the corner where my house sets. As many as 20 or so bikers rider through the sign without even slowing down, much less stopping.

Yes, we a;; need to watch out for others on the roads...in our cars, on our motorcycles and our bicycles! It is the only way to stop tragic, life-threatening incidents.

June Lamirata