Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: School superintendent’s contract and ‘obnoxious’ HOAs

School board lacks conviction

How many times have the taxpayers, parents and students of Manatee County heard the school board say, “It’s all about the kids.” This has truly become a punch line for the cruelest of jokes. The problem is the joke is on the students of Manatee County.

We have seen school board members past and present pontificate on local educational issues, then make a decision and ultimately flip flop and undo that decision at a future board meeting. This is highly detrimental to the education of students and diminishes the credibility of the board which in turn weakens the school system.

The most recent plan to alter or change the contract agreed upon regarding the interim superintendent is a perfect example of such shenanigans. There are countless others of course. The board and Saunders entered in to a mutually accepted contract that she would not be eligible to apply nor be able to accept an appointment to the position of permanent superintendent. After much chicanery at the hands of board members it appears the board is once again prepared to walk back a previous decision. It is hard to fathom how this seems to happen time and time again. Rest assured, however, the board will paint this as, “it’s all about the kids.”

Unfortunately, the school board has become a punch line for the cruelest of jokes and the students of Manatee County are left holding the bag.

Don Taylor


HOAs are ‘obnoxious’

Honestly you think HOA stands for Home Owners Association. I think not. It stands for “How Obnoxious Are we?”

I recently got a letter in the mail. Your mailbox is dirty. Non compliance. We will charge you $100 a day up to $20,000! Are you serious. Florida legislators and county commissioners, are you reading this? I have been dealing with the HOA board and the county to protect homeowners’ privacy and safety but they decided buying more benches and using taxpayers money was more appropriate. The county, previous board president and myself had an agreement for beautification for homeowners who abut the lift station, then after the community will maintain the landscaping. The new board president scrapped it. The money wasted due to an incompetent board member.

This is coming from a board who only addresses their needs, not the community needs. This is a joke. I can only imagine how many more communities who are dealing with the same.

This has to be addressed. Going to court is not my forte over a damn mailbox!

County Commissioners and Florida legislators, time to bring it on against board members who excel in the law of overreaching!

Elizabeth M. Sullivan

East Manatee