Letters to the Editor

Is Trump fit for office? Letter-writers have their say

Does ‘Anonymous’ really exist?

Re: An anonymous Op-Ed essay” by a “senior official” as the “the only way to deliver an important perspective.”

Anonymous? Does this person really exist? The press has the power to shape the minds of its readers. Their power is protected, by law, and the ability to use anonymous sources to get at “the truth.” Whatever happened to the freedom to face your accusers? And, if their sources can continue to remain anonymous, how do we know they exist at all? What a powerful propaganda tool.

Really? “Many of the senior officials in his own administration are working diligently from within to frustrate parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations.” Well, we know one is. Or, do we? How would we know for sure?

“We want the administration to succeed and think that many of its policies have already made America safer and more prosperous.” If you want the administration to succeed, why would you chop the legs out from under the president right before mid-term elections? Why not continue your successful “thwarting” campaign, so you can control him as you say you have been doing. Why mess with success?

“This isn’t the work of the so-called deep state. It’s the work of the steady state.” The steady state must be what President Trump refers to as “the swamp.” It appears they both have the same agenda.

If you have not attempted to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove him from office, because you didn’t want to “precipitate a constitutional crises,” why did you just create this crisis of faith in our duly elected president? Let me guess. So that any Republicans running for office in the mid-term elections will surely fail, especially if they align themselves with the president.

It sounds like the deep state is winning.

Bart Powell


Vote for Trump was a mistake

I am a life-long Republican who voted for Don “the Con” Trump. It’s the biggest mistake of my life. I wanted a “change” to “shake up” Washington, D.C.. Instead, I got the least competent person to hold the Oval Office. He’s making a mockery of the US and our Democratic institutions.

Everybody else who made the same mistake as me, should own up to it. Admit you made a mistake, it’s OK!

I hate his pathological lying, narcissism, childish buffoonery, and utter fools he has surrounded himself with. I am sickened by the numerous and obvious connections with Russia and Vlad Putin. I don’t respect a man who attacks our allies and free press, but embraces murderous dictators.

I’ve been researching him and determined “Red Don” has been laundering stolen Russian money since the late 1980s. His hometown (NYC), 80 percent of them voted for the woman from Arkansas. What galls me the most is the endless whining about “witch-hunts.” What a crybaby! The cold hard truth:

If the FBI / Deep State wanted to keep DJT out of the Oval Office, all it would take was a single phone call to a DC reporter to say “Donald Trump’s team is under investigation for conspiring with Russia.”

That’s it! One phone call. That never happened! But the FBI did mention HRC’s emails in the final days of the campaign and it cost her the Presidency. She is the most investigated person in US history, yet never charged with a crime.

Wake up America! Don “the Con” is a threat to us all.

Mike Williams


Show Trump the door

By now, anyone who supported Trump in the past should be recognizing their mistake. They need to be ready to admit it and make up for it. It’s time for all thinking and moral people to oppose Trump and those who remain standing with him.

After the services for John McCain, contrasting the honor of McCain and those who spoke for him with the depravity of Trump, and now with the new book, “Fear,” by Bob Woodward, an impeccable journalist documenting the mental, emotional and intellectual defect of the man, anyone with any common sense and quality of character should be ready to show him the door.

Trump and anyone who stands with him are not fit to hold public office or even hold an important position in our community. Trump’s mental and moral state, from the start, demonstrated a lack of intelligence, decency and soundness. Perhaps some could not see it or believe it before, but now, there should be no doubt. Trump lacks the intellect and knowledge to make rational decisions, and the character and wisdom to exercise sound judgment. He is mentally unstable and a danger to us all.

It’s time to replace him, and those who still stand with him, with better minds and souls.

William Anderson