Letters to the Editor

Skyway Bridge race will cut off route for hospital workers

Herald file photo

I just want to express another opinion about the upcoming Skyway Bridge 10K race. The plan is to close the northbound lanes of the Skyway Bridge for six hours on a Sunday morning.

All of the reports talk about how wonderful this race is. I have no problem with the race, or the cause it supports. I do feel that it is wrong to close this bridge (an interstate highway) for it. I live in north Manatee county and work at a hospital in downtown St. Petersburg. Several other people in my department also live on the south side of the bridge. This doesn't include other employees of the hospital, or the large one across the street.

That bridge is our way to work. Hospitals don't close on weekends or holidays. The article I read mentioned that it was not possible to have two-way traffic on the southbound side. I think a way should be found, or only close one northbound lane. The “redirection” mentioned in the article is a 40-mile detour. This makes the trip 60 miles instead of 20, and increases the time from 30 minutes to 60-90 minutes.

I know that my opinion won't change much, but I just wanted to give a different side from the “isn't this a wonderful thing” reports that I have seen on the news and in the paper. I also see that a half-marathon is in the works for New Year’s Day 2019. Please have pity on those of us who have to go to work early on a Sunday or holiday morning to take care of you, your child or other family member in the hospital across the water. Find a way to keep traffic flowing.

Lisa Smith