Letters to the Editor

Riverview Boulevard would be ‘ideal’ for SUN Trail

Riverview Boulevard is ideal for the SUN Trail because it would eliminate existing problems and beautify the whole corridor. Drivers along Riverview have long lamented slow-moving bicyclists and pedestrians walking in the road where there aren’t any sidewalks. They are a hazard to themselves and motor vehicle traffic along the narrow winding road. I agree.

The SUN Trail is a paved non-motorized multi-use pathway that will parallel the road. Instead of sidewalks there will be a 10 to12 foot wide trail for the exclusive use of bicyclists, pedestrians, rollerbladers, and other forms of non-motorized travel. The speed limit will be 12 mph.

The roadway for motor vehicles will still be there but will migrate over time to the south side of the right-of-way when normal repaving is required. The trail will run along the north side of the right-of-way which county records show varies from 44 ft. to 66 ft. wide for the entire length except for two blocks between 26th and 29th Streets NW which could be bypassed.

The area between the two-lane 22-foot-wide road and trail will be a landscaped “green” safety zone that will separate motorized traffic from slower non-motorized traffic. None of the beautiful trees along Riverview will be destroyed. Some may have to be moved to the safety zone and the trail may have to be split to go around non-moveable trees.

The result will be a much safer area for all modes of transportation while enhancing the beauty of the area making it into a true boulevard. At the same time, it will exceed the strict requirements for the SUN Trail by providing safety, shade, restroom facilities, fresh water, and more. It will also provide a safe route for students who attend one of the nine schools close to the route.

Ed Goff