Letters to the Editor

PRO: Aqua by the Bay is a smart design

I moved to Bradenton because of its natural beauty, and want to make sure that does not change for our future generations. I want my grandchildren to be fishing in our same Sarasota Bay spots years from now. No, I will not give away our favorite locations. Needless to say, the Bay’s water quality and its mangrove breeding grounds for small fish are very important to me.

So, when I read and hear confusion over whether the Aqua by the Bay neighborhood being planned for West Bradenton is a good thing, I have to help correct the record. After looking at the site plans, I am glad to know Aqua by the Bay is caring for our natural surroundings. Not only will the mangroves along the Bay remain, they will be protected, and we can expect water quality improvements through a filtration system and an estuary buffer. This is worlds better than surface water runoff from what has historically been an agricultural property.

I want to see our community thrive, and believe the Aqua by the Bay neighborhood is the type of project we should embrace.

We’re looking at a beautiful swath of land along the shore, accessible only by boat. This neighborhood will preserve and enhance the shoreline's beauty, and allow more residents and visitors to appreciate the area for the first time, without disturbing it. I look forward to exploring Aqua by the Bay with my grandkids when it is complete and fishing in my favorite fishing holes, because Aqua by the Bay’s smart design preserved them.

Sam Seider