Letters to the Editor

God gave us responsibility to stop climate change

Last week, three gentlemen wrote letters about climate change. None suggested it does not exist, but all think we needn’t worry about it. I disagree.

First, God is not making climate change. God put humans in charge of Earth (read Genesis 1 and 2). God does not override our poor decisions, but hopes we learn from them. When you drive too fast and crash the car, for example, God does not make it happen.

Second, our economy, though great, would do nothing to save us from a climate event at the level of the Irish potato famine. If we lose some of the species of bees, for example, our agriculture could get in real trouble (remember colony collapse syndrome).

Third, terrible events such as nuclear or terrorist or EMP attacks are indeed horrible. And yet, if we compare these events to the possibility of endangering all sentient beings on planet Earth, the level of their horrors shrink in comparison. Every day we lose species of our fellow creatures. Creatures whose habitats are being gobbled by our greed or compromised by our CO2 emissions.

My question is, what do we gain by closing our eyes to the problem and relinquishing our responsibility to tend the Earth and care for our fellow creatures? A responsibility given us by God.

The Rev. Brian Bagley-Bonner