Letters to the Editor

Looking for leadership from Paris

Since the decision was made to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord, many of us are looking to leadership from Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel who display a level of calm, reasoned leadership missing from our president.

President Macron gave a speech (presumably) to Americans in English letting us know that the Accord’s goals will still be furthered by the remaining signatories, that is all nations except ours, Nicaragua and Syria. Macron offered a “second homeland” to those disappointed by the decision. He ends his speech with the phrase “Make the planet great again.”

The real beneficiaries of this decision are Russia and Saudi Arabia, two oil dependent nations with whom Trump seems to be in league. Putin couldn’t have imagined that he would benefit from his support of Trump to the degree that he now has. The recent quest to return Russia’s compounds in this country after their seizure under Obama’s increased sanctions against Russia is another indication of our president is cozying up to Putin.

Trump claims he will renegotiate the deal to make it better for us. He has been rebuffed by the other nations stating that there will be no new negotiations. I’m encouraged by the signs from states, cities and businesses that we will, in fact, continue American efforts to uphold the goals of the Accord in spite of Trump’s withdrawal. It is interesting that the city of Pittsburgh, cited by Trump as who he represented (not Paris), immediately responded with their plan to stay with the Accord.

Thea Kelley

Holmes Beach