Letters to the Editor

Beruff’s development plan ignores mangrove damage

Carlos Beruff
Carlos Beruff Herald file photo

Our County Planning Commission has been fooled with their eyes open by developer Carlos Beruff and the latest iteration of his Long Bar Pointe development plan.

The commission narrowly approved a general development plan for the land-based portion of the development. Not included in the plan was a mile-long seawall and an 8-foot-deep channel stretching the same mile through what is now undisturbed mangroves. How can the planning process not look at the entire project, when the most significant portion, causing extensive disturbance in the mangroves, has been left out?

Beruff is manipulating the planning process and will be laughing all the way to the bank if he succeeds, while Sarasota Bay and its recovering ecosystem pays the price. I implore our county commissioners to wake up and smell the deception underfoot!

Marsha Wikle