Letters to the Editor

Here’s a humanitarian challenge for developers

Pat Neal
Pat Neal

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one of our prominent developers said to himself, “Self, why don’t we take a vacation from making money by the boatload and do something truly exemplary, something blatantly altruistic for the nice people of Manatee County, where we have made a whopping glob of money? Why don’t we buy the old trailer park on Manatee Avenue West that has been for sale for a long time and use the ‘smarts,’ about construction of living space we have learned over the years, and put up an apartment complex like none you have ever seen?

“It would be beautiful, efficient, economical and accessible for all the nice people who work in the multitude of establishments in that area. Think of all the people who work in the drug stores, grocery stores, veterinarian offices, doctor and dentist offices, real estate offices... every possible need could be within walking distance. The complex could have a green area and its own bus stop for going to the beach on one’s day off.

“Folks for miles around would talk about the absolutely wonderful, affordable housing, built for Manatee citizens by the hugely generous, innovative, and creative (put his/her name here in caps... Pat Neal or Carlos Beruff would fit nicely) developer turned humanitarian.”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful?

Carolyn Schneider