Letters to the Editor

‘New’ Democrats have contempt for everything America

AP file photo

There exists no low to which the progressives will stoop to destroy the Trump presidency and the American way.

The new version of what they call the Democratic Party is run by radical progressives (Alinskyites) who seek power by defaming America’s Constitution and early leaders instead of recognizing its remarkable evolution of becoming the greatest country “ever.”

They have contempt for patriotism, the flag, the Constitution, safe borders, existing laws, American culture and citizenship. They promote discord, resentment, jealousy, hatred, not only for the aforementioned but also for achievement, affluence and business.

Achievement at any level builds self-worth, business and affluence provide jobs and pays about 75 percent of taxes. If there were no businesses, there would be no roads or towns, just wilderness.

Patrick Neylan