Letters to the Editor

What’s behind attack on Syria: a Trump-Putin deal?

I believe that the creators of our Constitution assumed that love of country would supersede love of money. If this turned out not to be the case, they instituted a system of checks and balances for protection against corrupt elected officials.

For a minute, I was foolish enough to believe that after years of Donald Trump's non-attack stance against Syria... that now, all of a sudden he has a massive change of heart and compassion for humanity. He didn't even want to offer asylum for these unfortunate people who are being used as pawns.

He has made an abrupt about-face from what he espoused just last week – that the Syrian people should decide on Bashar al-Assad. So why the attack?

Simple. Just ask: What do President Trump and Vladimir Putin value more than anything else? Money. What does Putin need? America to lift sanctions. How to get that? Make Trump look good. Raise his popularity numbers. Try to establish trust in a president (who has continually lied) so that Trump can eventually “make a deal” with Putin.

The deal: Putin causes Assad to get rid of chemical weapons and stops his support for Assad in return for America’s lifting of sanctions. Then Putin and Trump (and perhaps even Assad) can laugh all the way to the bank with the oil money.

My theory: The devious and devilish Trump and the murderous, corrupt Putin (they’re cut from the same cloth) made a back channel deal. And look who’s going to Russia disguised as the Secretary of State – none other than the former CEO of Exxon. How convenient! I pray the truth will come to light or we are all doomed.

Judith Alpert

Bradenton Beach