Letters to the Editor

Verizon, Samsung inept over recall of smart phone

To be such communications giants, Samsung and Verizon certainly do not communicate very well at all. The second recall on the Samsung Note 7 has been as bad as the first recall — no information, incorrect information, no communications with employees on the process to advise customers.

To start with, a link in an email to the Verizon site to answer questions and direct the process on the latest recall did not work.

Chatting with Verizon didn’t work either. Calling the local Verizon company store was a fiasco. Found out I once again will be charged for a replacement phone and credited when I return the Samsung Note 7. Third time I have bought a phone, and I still have over $700 in credit hanging on one card due to having to purchase the second other than the store just making an even exchange.

The Samsung Edge 7 was unavailable; this would have been the replacement; the store had none; they were not any online.

Then I have the cases that I purchased that will no longer be of use to me.

I could not turn my old phones back on to use initially, got transferred two times, explained the problem three times in trying to reactivate the phones. Several hours down the drain due to incompetence at Verizon.

No one could tell me the cost of the new phones I wanted to order because they can’t access the information due to the plan I purchased. Verizon’s policy is no answers, no communication, no customer service. Samsung’s new motto is light them if you have them.

Thanks, Verizon and Samsung, for your total ineptness and headaches. Actually, they would have to improve to even meet the level of inept.

Dan Thorpe