Letters to the Editor

Presidential election pivotal to future of U.S.


The president is the face of America to the world. Diplomats would likely take Hillary Clinton seriously. She’s familiar, and she’s one of their kind.

But she had no successes as Secretary of State, and that doesn’t inspire optimism. She and Obama let the U.S. be walked over.

Trump would meet more disdain than respect. But he prides himself on being a good negotiator. However, to accomplish that one needs to know all the ins and outs, and have all the answers. Competent advisers could provide that. Would he listen?

The president runs the federal government by appointing like-thinking leaders to head the Cabinet departments and major federal agencies. For example, consider foreign aid. Both Obama and Clinton are adamantly pro-abortion, regardless of the proven humanity of the “fetus.” The State Department has been using aid money as a goad to arm-twist developing nations in Africa and elsewhere to legalize abortion. President Clinton would certainly continue this. Trump’s administration would likely stop it as promoting homicide.

The Environmental Protection Agency carries out policies to safeguard human health and sustain the entire web of life while confronting climate change. Clinton would likely promote this; Trump would obstruct.

Recent rulings of the Supreme Court dismay many. Its lifetime members are appointed by the president (with Senate approval). Impartial judges are not desired. Political partisanship is demanded. The incoming president will nominate one justice — and possibly four! A Republican will choose a reliable conservative who interprets the Constitution strictly. A Democrat will pick a reliable liberal who considers the Constitution flexible to reflect the spirit of the time.

Thus, by choosing a president, we voters have the awesome responsibility of determining the bent of the court for decades.

Please vote thoughtfully.

Arlene Flisik