Letters to the Editor

Cemetery disrespects graves, families

My mother passed away a little over two years ago and my father goes every Wednesday and Sunday to visit her grave, which is located at Manasota Memorial Park in Bradenton.

My mother always has fresh flowers during the cooler weather and silk flowers during the summer months. We have always made sure her grave is maintained and never miss putting some kind of holiday decoration as my mother loved the holidays, especially the fall ones.

Currently her display of flowers was a fall bouquet with a cute little scarecrow pic. We also had a clear crystal-like cross and a small angel displayed on her grave as well as a picture of her that my dad picked out.

Since my mother was buried on the veterans side of the cemetery, we usually had a couple small flags on her grave as well. My dad went to visit my mom today and her grave was cleared off — flowers, everything. Her vase was turned upside down. Upset, he went to office and was told all the graves had been cleared off and everything was placed in the trash.

I am horrified that they disrespected my mother by throwing away her picture, a cross and the American flags. These people have no respect for the families whatsoever. These people could tell that my mom’s grave was well cared for and know that my dad visits twice a week.

I want them to know that I am very ashamed of them and that they are very disrespectful to the deceased.

Barbara (Kish) Clark