Letters to the Editor

School district doesn’t merit tax

The Manatee School School District is fortunate to have an internal audit committee consisting of CPA’s who volunteer their valuable time. This committee has done an excellent job of watching over the taxpayers monies. So it was disturbing to see that this committee issued a report recently with the statement that school district staff are not getting the committee the information that they have requested on a timely basis.

A direct quote form their report: “The audit committee expressed its dissatisfaction that action plans were not completed on a timely basis to allow internal audit review, and trusts that in the future the district will follow the protocol that was established.”

Another paragraph makes note that there was a delay in finalizing the past audit reviews. The information in the packet states protocol has been established but staff has chosen to not follow protocol.

Dr. Diana Greene and the board are trying to sell the sales tax initiative by promising the voters that this same committee will be monitoring the spending of additional funding provided by the sales tax. How can you sell oversight when you have a report from that same committee that staff is not cooperating with their request for information?

The problem has always been administrative staff who refuse to perform their jobs with competency and refuse to follow policies and procedures.

Vote “no” on the sales tax initiative and thereby send a message to the school administration and board that the taxpayers want accountability demonstrated before awarding them an additional $450 million!

Sarah Schatz