Letters to the Editor

No wonder Manatee Dems are way behind

I live in Manatee County. I contacted the Democratic Party committee about campaign signs for my yard. I work 8 a.m.-5 p.m. in Sarasota and could not get there during the party’s office hours, but the volunteer said they would meet me Saturday if I let them know what time. And the signs cost $10.

Friday I called back to arrange the time. The phone was answered by Sheryl Wilson, the very proud county chair. From the start, she repeated she didn’t know anyone able to help me. If I called on Monday maybe there would be someone to get me $10 campaign signs. Really?

I was willing to drive up after all day at work. Or, I would meet anyone anywhere to get signs Saturday. She had no interest in helping me. She never asked my name or number.

No wonder Democrats are so far behind in Manatee County!

I called the Sarasota County office; they were helpful. And the signs don’t cost $10, but please volunteer a few hours, they said. Mission accomplished. Thank you Josephine, the Sarasota volunteer I spoke with.

I will l never again consider any contact with the local Manatee Democratic Committee office.

I’m a staunch, enthusiastic supporter for Secretary Clinton and have been for many years, talking often with friends, family and colleagues about my belief in her and support for her. To be met with a total lack of interest, I might as well have been talking to a recorded message for all the human response I was encountered.

I’m for Hillary. I’m not for Florida politics as usual. This state nor this county are sewn up. How many others have called and been turned away? Somebody needs to see what is going on in Manatee County.

Deborah Voorhees